Can a Person Who Attends a Rehab Clinic Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance?

by Dec 21, 2017Disability Benefits

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If you are participating in a rehabilitation program at a facility, you may still be able to qualify for disability benefits under certain conditions. Generally, the Social Security Administration (SSA) awards benefits to people with permanent medical conditions that prevent them from maintaining steady employment.

At the Disability Advantage Group, our attorneys are available to walk you through the disability application process and help you appeal a denial, if necessary. We understand how a person who attends a rehab clinic can qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Call 865-566-0800 today for help with your claim.

Can I Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

In order for you to receive SSDI benefits, the SSA requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • You earn less than the substantial gainful activity limit;
  • You have a permanent disability that has lasted or will last a minimum of 12 months; and
  • Your condition severely impacts your ability to work or your job performance.

The SSA will only consider claims from people that meet these three basic requirements. If you meet these criteria, the SSA will evaluate the details of your claim and determine if your medical condition qualifies you for benefits.

After you begin receiving benefits, the SSA may conduct a Continuing Disability Review to determine whether your condition has improved enough for you to resume work. If the SSA later finds that you are fit to work, you will no longer receive disability benefits.

What If I Have a History of Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Substance abuse alone is not generally enough for the SSA to classify you as disabled. However, there are many cases where a person’s drug or alcohol issues lead to a disability.

For example, imagine a driver with alcohol abuse issues decides to drive drunk and ends up getting in an accident. If the driver becomes paralyzed as a result of the accident, the SSA may approve his claim for disability benefits. Another example is when chronic substance abuse causes a disabling medical condition. Even after abstaining from drugs and alcohol, chronic substance abusers may continue to experience health problems for the rest of their lives due to their long-term usage, thereby qualifying them for benefits.

In most cases, the SSA will look at the evidence we provide and determine whether current drug or alcohol use contributes to your disability. If your disability would cease to exist if you stopped using drugs or alcohol, the SSA may determine that your substance abuse is a contributing factor to your disability.

How Can I Talk to an Attorney About My Disability Claim?

The SSA cannot pass judgment on the reason for your disability. The organization’s only job is to determine whether your injury or illness is permanent and severe enough to qualify you for benefits.

However, our attorneys have noticed that it is often more difficult for a person who attends a rehab clinic to win approval from the SSA. That is why we recommend you to speak to one of our qualified attorneys before you file your claim.

At the Disability Advantage Group, it is our job to help you get the benefits you deserve. For more information on how we can assist you, contact us at 865-566-0800.