Do I Need A Lawyer For Social Security Disability In Pennsylvania?

by Nov 9, 2017Disability Benefits

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You are not required by law to have a lawyer when you apply for disability benefits in Pennsylvania. In fact, the Social Security Administration (SSA) gives you several options to apply on your own. You can use the SSA’s website, apply by phone, or schedule an in-person meeting at your local SSA field office.

Though you do not need a lawyer for Social Security Disability (SSD), a skilled attorney can give your application the highest chance of approval. The vast majority of disability applicants receive denials the first time they apply—and many of those who try to appeal a denial on their own receive another rejection.

At the Disability Advantage Group, we can minimize the chances of receiving a denial yourself. Our skilled legal team will make sure the application you submit is thorough, compelling, and free of the types of errors and omissions that often lead to denials.

With our help, you can increase the likelihood that you will receive the disability benefits you need to care for yourself and your family. For a free consultation with a top disability attorney, contact us at 865-566-0800.

Why Should I Use a Lawyer to Apply for Disability in Pennsylvania?

Simply put, because many applicants who apply on their own do not receive benefits. Only around 32 percent of disability applicants receive approvals on their initial application. It is even more difficult to win benefits through the appeals process. That means the vast majority of SSD applicants go through the trouble of submitting two full applications—and often waiting months or even a year or longer to hear back on each one—with nothing to show for it in the end.

What is even worse is a good number of the applicants the SSA denies have qualifying medical conditions and should have received approvals. The reason the SSA denies these claims is often because their applications feature critical mistakes, leave out important information, or fail to provide enough supporting evidence.

The skilled legal team at the Disability Advantage Group, specializes in winning SSD benefits for our clients. We know how to present your case, obtain the necessary evidence, and apply in a manner that gives you the strongest chance of approval. You have the best chance of getting benefits on the first try when you let us fight on your behalf.

What If I Already Received a Denial on My Application?

If you already applied on your own and received a denial in the mail—or you have already had both your initial application and appeal denied—our attorneys can still help. The final step is scheduling a disability hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ). Your chance of approval is actually highest during a hearing with an ALJ. With the right evidence and a good attorney fighting your case, you stand the best chance of qualifying for benefits.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

The SSA is not known for its speed in processing applications. The waiting period between your application and your benefits starting can be months or even a year or longer. It is a good idea to hire a lawyer and start the application process as soon as possible once you have received a qualifying diagnosis.

There is a silver lining to the waiting game: You are eligible to receive back pay that covers the months you waited. If the SSA receives your application in January but does not approve you until the following January, you are eligible for a full year of benefits.

Though the prospect of receiving back pay in the future is nice, your bills are coming in now, and those sending them expect prompt payment. Our disability lawyers know how make the process as fast and efficient as possible—while minimizing your wait time.

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