Does Hiring An Attorney Speed Up The SSDI Approval Process Or Guarantee Approval?

by Jul 4, 2018Disability Benefits

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By hiring a Social Security disability attorney, you enjoy a host of advantages when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. And since most attorneys do not charge any money until they win your claim, there is no risk in hiring one. Attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of the application process, including the pitfalls and challenges that trip up many applicants and delay the process.

So even though an attorney cannot guarantee that you will be SSDI approved within a certain timeframe, or even at all, a lawyer can make the process as efficient as possible and help you avoid delays.

How an Attorney Can Boost Your Chances of a Fast Social Security Disability Approval

Disability applicants have their benefits delayed for several reasons. Number one among these reasons is that an application gets initially denied, forcing the applicant to navigate the complex and onerous appeals process. Even if you are ultimately successful at the appeal stage, it can add a year or longer to your wait time. All the while, you are missing out on the benefits you deserve.

To avoid the inevitable delays that come with appealing a denial, you need to do everything you can to get approved on the first try. A lawyer can help. Here are some things the attorneys at the Disability Advantage Group, do to maximize our clients’ chances of a first-try approval:

Free Initial Consultation

We conduct a free initial consultation and case evaluation, at which we review your medical history, doctors’ notes, and any other documents you have. The purpose of this meeting is to determine the best way to go about putting together your claim.

Blue Book Listings

Next, we determine whether you meet a Blue Book listing for an approved condition. If so, we assemble evidence to demonstrate that you meet the listing. If not, we build your case on the fact that your residual functional capacity is low enough to prevent you from sustaining gainful employment.

We may gather the following to prove your diagnosis:

  • Medical evidence
  • Test results
  • Physicians’ statements

Complete a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)

We will work with your treating physician to complete a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) test. The RFC test offers objective evidence showing that you cannot perform certain job functions or carry out daily living activities, such as eating and dressing by yourself.

In addition, we will determine if your case is terminal and thus eligible for expedited review, and if so, convey this information to the SSA.

It starts with the initial case evaluation, which we offer you at no charge and with no risk or obligation. We look at the facts and give you an honest assessment of the strength of your case. If your claim does not have a strong chance of approval, we let you know up front.

How an Attorney Can Help You if You Were Denied Benefits

If the SSA denied your claim for Social Security disability, you still have appeal options. First, you can appeal the SSA’s decision, and with your appeal you can submit new evidence and documentation to strengthen your claim. An attorney can be of major help in this process, as he or she can review your initial application and denial letter, determine exactly what went wrong, and help you take the right steps to bolster your application on appeal.

A Hearing With an Administrative Law Judge

Even if your initial app and your appeal were denied, you can still get benefits, and an attorney can still help. The second stage of the appeals process involves a face-to-face hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). At the ALJ hearing, you get the chance to present your case to a judge with final decision-making authority. You can even call on witnesses to support your claims.

An attorney is an invaluable asset as you prepare for your ALJ hearing. Most Social Security disability lawyers have prepared for many such hearings in the past and can let you know what to expect, help you prepare, and determine whether you should make use of witnesses.

Call 865-566-0800 Today to Schedule a Free Disability Consultation With the Disability Advantage Group

The Disability Advantage Group, want to offer you the chance to sit down with our attorneys and ask us questions before making a decision. Whether you are applying for disability for the first time or were turned down in the past, we want to help.

While hiring an attorney does not guarantee to speed up the SSDI approval process or guarantee an approval, we can help navigate the application process efficiently and avoid pitfalls. Remember: we do not get paid until we win benefits for you. To schedule a free case evaluation, call 865-566-0800 today.