Applying for SSD benefits after the age of 50

by Feb 15, 2015

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There are many Tennessee residents above 50 years of age who are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits but are wary of applying because of the stringent approval procedure. Contrary to popular perception, applicants for SSD benefits above 50 years of age can expect to go through a less stringent procedure for approval compared to their younger counterparts.

However, there is no special consideration in relation to criteria used to determine disability for applicants of 50 years or above. In most cases, an applicant just needs to have a qualifying disability and a long-enough work history to make them eligible to file an application for SSD benefits. The process gets easier if the applicant is above 55 years of age.

The major factors which help the older applicants get approval for SSD benefits are the difficulties associated to retaining their jobs in later years and presence of multiple disorders, common in older people. Older people have difficulty in retaining their jobs as they may lack certain skills; it may be impractical for an employer to retain a disabled worker after the age of 50.

Government is aware of the fact that old age brings with it multiple physical disorders like diabetes, hyper tension and deterioration of joints. This plays a major consideration while granting applications made by workers in their fifties and sixties.

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