Applying for SSDI benefits for a mental condition

by Jan 6, 2014

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Often, society views work as a very physical thing. However, many work tasks have significant mental components to them.

Thus, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that mental conditions sometimes have the capacity to significantly impede a person’s ability to hold a job. Thankfully, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are not limited solely to people with physical disabilities; individuals with mental disorders are capable of being eligible for such benefits as well.

Our firm is in a strong position to provide help to individuals who are applying for SSDI benefits in relation to a mental condition; our experience in the area of SSDI law is substantial. We can provide applicants with information to help answer the questions they have regarding the process of applying for benefits and we can help them with the various preparations compiling a strong SSDI benefits application requires. For further information on our firm and this area of law, see our Tennessee Social Security Disability and mental disorders page.

There are a great many different types of mental conditions out there. These conditions can vary considerably in their severity, the kinds of effects they have, the types of treatments that are available, the effectiveness of available treatments and the side-effects of their treatments. Thus, each case of mental impairment is different, and a variety of different things can contribute to whether a given mental disorder could qualify a person for SSDI benefits. This complexity is one of the reasons why the support of a legal professional can be an important thing to have when going through the process of applying for SSDI benefits for a mental condition.