Back benefits come just in time to save man’s home

by May 28, 2016

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There is no doubt that having a disabling injury or illness can complicate a person’s daily life. Thankfully, there are medical, psychological and financial resources available to help people adjust to and remedy these complications. For instance, disability benefits are available to help alleviate the financial strain of being unable to work to due to disability.

Unfortunately, these benefits, while available, are not easily accessible. In fact, some people can go through months or years of navigating the Social Security system and fighting through red tape just to get the benefits for which they are eligible. If you are in this situation, you need to understand that you can collect benefits for the time between when your application was filed and when it was ultimately approved.

Backpay for benefits can add up to be quite substantial, as the approval process is quite lengthy. Not only does it take a long time for the Social Security Administration to review the application, most people will also have to go through the appeals process because so many applications are initially denied. This time adds up quickly.

For instance, one man went for years without collecting the benefits he would ultimately be approved to receive. Like many other disability benefit applicants, the man was out of work and struggling to make ends meet while his application worked through the system.

In the end, the SSA paid him a lump sum of $62,000 in benefits accumulated during the years his application was in limbo.

The benefits came just in time, he says, as he was days away from losing his home in foreclosure.

What we hope readers learn from this blog post is that it isn’t always enough to be approved for disability benefits. You also need to ensure you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled. Working with an attorney can help ensure you are doing everything you can be doing to pursue all the benefits you need and deserve.

Source: WABC-TV, “Man nearly loses home over Social Security disability problems,” Nina Pineda, April 25, 2016