Can my application for SSDI benefits be expedited?

by Jun 3, 2015

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Time is often a critical factor when it comes to a disabling condition. Medical treatment, for example, is often more effective when it begins immediately. Many serious illnesses and injuries also typically require lengthy or indefinite courses of treatment that can leave people with little time to do anything else. Further, severe conditions can seriously impact a person’s life expectancy.

The fact that time is of utmost importance in these situations is clear. However, it can be frustrating and upsetting for people dealing with a disabling condition to try and get the financial support they need from Social Security because it is a notoriously slow-moving process. This is why it can be crucial to understand when and if claims for disability benefits can be expedited.

Generally speaking, it can take weeks, months or even longer for an applicant to find out if an application is approved. In many cases, people will wait this long only to learn that their application has been denied. Then they may have to go through a potentially lengthy appeals process. 

However, there are ways to avoid or at least minimize the delays that can come with SSDI applications.

To begin with, people with certain severe conditions may be selected for expedited support through Compassionate Allowances. This is a system of putting applicants who will certainly qualify for benefits on a fast track to receive benefits. Those with a condition included on the lists of Compassionate Allowances start to receive their benefits as quickly as possible.

If your condition does not appear on this list, you can still minimize potential delays by working with an attorney to complete your application or file an appeal. Attorneys understand what information the Social Security Administration is looking for and needs to make a ruling. Failure to submit certain documentation, including employment and medical histories, can result in a denied claim and the need to pursue an appeal.

Rather than take the risk of adding time to an already lengthy process, you can take advantage of the experience and guidance of a legal representative who can help you navigate the Social Security and avoid costly mistakes.