Cancer rates growing worldwide, study says

by Feb 27, 2017

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Cancer is a disease that gets — and deserves — a lot of attention. Football players wear pink for breast cancer awareness, and people donate their hair to those who lose their hair due to chemotherapy. It is not unusual these days for people in the United States to know of someone who has had cancer, or have even had cancer themselves. In fact, one study reports that the number of cancer cases is on the rise.

A recent study by the Global Burden of Disease Cancer Collaboration reports that the number of cancer cases went up 33 percent across the world over the past decade. In 2015, approximately 17.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer worldwide, and 8.7 million people died because of the disease. Researchers believe that a growing and aging population was behind the uptick in cancer cases, as were fluctuations in cancer rates among specific ages.

According to the study, the risk that a person would develop cancer within his or her lifetime for males was one in three and for females was one in four. In males, the most common type of cancer developed was prostate cancer at approximately 1.6 million cases. In females, the most common type of cancer developed was breast cancer at 2.4 million cases. Amongst children, the most common type of cancers developed were leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and cancers of the nervous and brain systems. All in all, cancer is the second most common cause of death across the world.

Cancer is a serious disease. Although recovery from cancer is possible, it can be a very lengthy process. And, unfortunately, some people will find that their cancer cannot be treated, and will be fatal. The costs associated with cancer can be astronomical, and oftentimes people suffering from the disease cannot work. That is when it is important that Social Security disability benefits may be pursued by these individuals.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that cancer can be a disabling disease, and some people suffering from cancer may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are in place to help those with disabling conditions make ends meet financially. They are a safety net that allows those with disabilities to focus on their health, rather than have to worry about whether they can afford the very necessities of life.

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