Certain cancers on SSA’s Compassionate Allowances list

by Mar 27, 2014

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Cancer is one of the most common illnesses that are diagnosed across the country. Ask anyone, and that individual either has been personally diagnosed or knows someone that was. It is the focus of million-dollar research projects often funded in part by donations from survivors and their families. The illness not only affects a large portion of the population, but it has a serious effect on the lives of those individuals.

In fact, certain cancers are listed on the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowances listing. Under the Compassionate Allowances program, individuals seeking benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income programs can have their application fast-tracked to ensure that they receive the necessary benefits as soon as possible.

This list of conditions wasn’t written in stone, so-to-speak, when it was created. In fact, in December 2012 a group of 35 conditions were added to the list, and another 25 were added this year. There are now a total of 225 conditions on the list. The process is expedited due to the serious nature of these illnesses.

A condition on this list does not guarantee that the individual will found eligible for benefits, it simply ensures that a decision will be made faster than it would under the typical process. These conditions can cause serious problems, emotionally and financially, for the individuals that have been diagnosed as well as their families — something that these benefits are intended to help avoid.

Those that want to obtain benefits for any condition should discuss their claim with a Knoxville SSD attorney that can help them navigate the complex process to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays.

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