Does military pay affect SSDI benefits?

by Jan 13, 2015

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Men and women in the United States military put their lives in danger all of the time. Whether at home or on a foreign battle field, military jobs often have high risks of injuries and accidents. These jobs put people in harm’s way, time and time again. While many people are never hurt in the line of duty, others suffer serious injuries that limit their ability to earn income.

When a member of the military is injured, the person may be entitled to compensation from the Social Security Disability program. This program applies to people who become disabled as a result of a medical condition. If the service member was injured while on active duty, that person may be entitled to expedited benefits to help cover some of the income that the person has lost as a result of the disability.

However, sometimes people are still receiving military pay following their disability. In these cases, people may wonder if this pay affects their ability to receive SSDI benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, military pay may or may not affect a person’s application for SSDI benefits. In these cases the SSA will evaluate why the person is receiving military pay. If the service member is receiving pay for while in a therapy program or in a hospital setting, for example, the person may still be eligible for compensation.

In order to determine eligibility the SSA will examine the type of work being performed by the service member. If the person is engaging in substantial work in exchange for pay, then the service member may not meet the definition of disabled. In these cases, the person may not qualify for SSDI benefits.

This blog post should not be construed as specific legal advice. A service member should consult with an attorney in order to determine if the person qualifies for SSDI benefits.