Don’t get denied for SSDI benefits because of a lack of evidence

by May 16, 2015

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Social Security Disability benefits are important for many Tennessee residents. These payments become essential to their survival following an accident or injury that leaves them completely disabled. While these payments are extremely important, the Social Security Administration is still very particular about who can receive SSDI benefits. Even when people have spent their entire working life earning these benefits, the SSA will still completely investigate whether people can use them.

Often, as we explained in a recent blog post, in order to qualify for SSDI benefits, people must present evidence of disability. This evidence can come from a variety of medical and non-medical sources but must be given to the SSA to prove certain elements of an accident injury. These elements are essential in proving a person has a disability under federal requirements.

If the right evidence is not presented, the SSA will deny a person’s application. These strict evidentiary requirements, make it essential that people have the right help when applying for SSDI benefits. Our law firm has the experience necessary to help explain the process to disabled individuals.

In fact, we go further than explaining the process. Our attorneys can help people apply for SSDI benefits by gathering the evidence required. This can including talking with doctors or employers, requesting medical records and reviewing evidence. We can also help people prepare for possible interviews with a judge or other official about the case. These steps help to make sure that the SSA has all the information they need to successfully approve the case.

For more information on how our law firm can help disabled Tennessee residents apply for benefits, please see our SSDI webpage. With the right help, disabled people can focus on their recovery instead of the legal hassles.