Don’t lose heart — or hope — if your SSDI claim is denied

by Apr 10, 2015

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Millions of people across the U.S. depend on Social Security disability benefits. With this financial support, disabled workers can have an easier time paying for crucial medical expenses, mortgages and basic living necessities when they cannot work and earn their regular income.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that many of the people who now collect these benefits went through a number of obstacles in the pursuit of SSDI. One such obstacle is a denied application. If you are in this situation and have had your application for benefits denied (or are fearful that it will be denied), it is crucial to understand your options to appeal a decision.

It is not uncommon for the Social Security Administration to deny claims. The system is enormous and very complex; this coupled with the fact that the agency’s resources are seriously strained means that there isn’t always a lot of time spent on individual applications.

When the SSA reviews a claim for benefits, it examines an applicant’s medical records, injury or illness, employment history and potential to work. If there is any question about any of the information provided or excluded, the SSA will typically deny the claim rather than investigate further.

As upsetting as it can be to learn that your claim has not been approved, you should be aware that a huge number of these denied claims are ultimately appealed. There are several stages of appeal; at any one of them, a denial can be overturned.

The appeals process can be just as complex and daunting as the initial application process, so it can be very helpful to speak with one of the attorneys at the Disability Advantage Group. We understand how to navigate the Social Security system and can help you avoid potential complications and costly errors that can get between you and your benefits.

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