Employment networks: Why they are important to disabled workers

by Jul 30, 2015

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If you have suffered a serious illness or injury for which you have been collecting Social Security disability benefits, you can feel like getting back on your feet can be all but impossible. After all, even if your condition improves to a point where you can get back to work, doing so can seem daunting and intimidating.

People have many concerns in this situation, like what if you need accommodations at a workplace? How do you explain the gap in your employment history? What if you cannot work for very many hours right away; will employers be able to adjust their work schedules to your capabilities? Thankfully, you won’t need to won’t have to worry about many of these concerns if you are a participant in the Ticket to Work program.

People can get help through approved organizations that are equipped to help disabled workers get back on the job. These businesses are part of the Social Security Administration’s Employment Network. Entities who successfully apply to be in this group have the resources necessary to connect SSDI beneficiaries with suitable employment. 

Through the Ticket to Work program, ENs receive funding based on their ability to and success with helping disabled workers find, get and stay at jobs. An EN is compensated based on how well it serves individuals, which is measured by a beneficiary’s employment milestones.

As we discussed in this article on our website, there are incentives for SSDI recipients to go back to work in whatever capacity may be appropriate. However, many people may be hesitant to do so because they don’t want to lose their benefits, especially if they find they cannot work in a capacity that allows them to earn enough money.

The SSA has taken this and many other fears people have about returning to work into consideration and it has developed several options for helping people who want to try out going back to work, like the Ticket to Work program. Of course, at a certain point, having so much information and so many options can be more overwhelming than anything.

Rather than miss out on opportunities or risk losing your benefits, it can be crucial to discuss your options regarding working and SSDI with your attorney.