Even young workers may need SSD benefits during their lifetimes

by Jun 27, 2016

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Healthy, young workers in Knoxville may not anticipate needing Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In fact, they may feel like, if they ever need Social Security Disability benefits, it will not be until they are very old, if they ever need them at all. However, the idea that young people are not in need of SSD benefits could not be further from the truth.


According to the Social Security Administration, as many as 25 percent of individuals in their 20’s will need disability benefits before they retire. Therefore, it is important to understand some key points about potential worker disability benefits.


First of all, not all disabilities are of the same severity. After years, some people are able to eventually overcome their disability. But, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that approximately 10 percent of individuals in the United States have a disability that is considered to be severe. A long-term disability claim will last, on average, three years, according to the Council of Disability Awareness.


Keep in mind, if an individual has a disability and cannot work, there is a financial safety net that he or she may be able to rely on during such a difficult time. An individual may pursue Social Security Disability benefits, if he or she has been working and therefore paying into Social Security per payroll deductions. Though, there are certain requirements that must be met, including the severity of the individual’s disability, how long it is expected to last and whether the individual can perform other types of work.


As you can see, even young people need to be aware that they are not immune to a severe injury or illness. Such maladies can strike anyone, young or old. As such, it is good to know that individuals in such situations can apply for disability benefits, to obtain the financial resources they need to get by while they cannot work.

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