For help navigating Social Security Disability, rely on us

by Feb 10, 2014

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The Social Security program provides a type of social insurance to people who have worked and paid into the system. The SSA provides benefits both for retirees and for people who have an inability to work due to a disability that results from an injury or illness. For many people, receiving social security disability benefits for injury or illness is critical for them to have sufficient financial resources to pay the bills and provide for their daily needs. Because we know how important these benefits are, we are prepared to help you fight for them.

One of the first things that we can help you with is determining whether you are eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. You must have a work history with employment at a job covered by Social Security. Additionally, you must have been diagnosed with an illness, injury or other medical problem that affects your ability to maintain or continue regular employment.

Because the Social Security Administration is a federal agency, the process of applying for benefits can be complicated and confusing. However, as a worker who paid into the system, you are entitled to receive benefits when you are eligible, so you should not hesitate to apply for benefits or challenge a decision if you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied.

We are experienced with the process and the eligibility requirements and we know what it takes to present a strong application with a high likelihood of success. In addition to helping you determine eligibility, we can assist in classifying your injury and in gathering the documentation and evidence necessary to show the details of your injury, its expected duration, and its effects on your ability to work. To learn more about Social Security Disability, please visit our website for more information.