In SSDI applications, the little details matter

by Jan 1, 2014

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An important thing to keep in mind when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is how complex the rules of the SSDI program are. There are numerous strict eligibility requirements regarding who can be granted benefits. Given this complexity, the issue of whether or not a person qualifies for benefits is often not a simple one, but one that is dependent on many different factors.

Thus, the specific details of a person’s SSDI application, even the little ones, can be very impactful. Given this, there are many potential pitfalls a person could fall into when it comes to their SSDI application. Little oversights during the process of application preparation can result in mistakes being made regarding the application. Application mistakes, even small ones, can have significant negative implications for an SSDI applicant. They could lead to a delay in a decision being made on a claim or could potentially result in a person receiving a denial on a claim that otherwise would have been approved.

Consequently, it is important for individuals to exercise appropriate care when preparing an SSDI application.

Our firm understands how important the details are in SSDI applications and can assist individuals with SSDI application preparation. We can leverage our knowledge, skill and experience to help SSDI applicants build well-prepared applications that take into account the various eligibility rules for the SSDI program.

Also, we can go over appeal options with individuals who have filed an application for SSDI benefits and have had their claim denied.