Just because your illness may be invisible doesn’t mean you are

by Jul 21, 2015

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When people think about disabling conditions, they often think of sufferers using a wheelchair, missing a limb, being escorted by a service pet or otherwise visibly disabled. However, not all disabling conditions can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, many people suffer from what are called invisible disabilities.

One of the most difficult aspects of suffering from an invisible disability is trying to get other people to understand your situation. Sadly, getting people to appreciate how significantly your life is affected by something that cannot be seen can typically end up being much more complicated than people realize. However, there are people who not only understand the situation in which you may be, they can also help you pursue some much-needed assistance.

For example, people all across Knoxville suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, which is an illness that other people cannot see. However, sufferers can live every day struggling with constant, unbearable pain which can make it difficult or impossible to perform seemingly simple tasks.

In these situations, people can feel hopeless and frustrated. They may think no one can help them because the extent of their condition cannot be appreciated by others who cannot feel the things they are feeling.

However, we want to remind people who are suffering from these invisible disabilities that there is help available to anyone who has a disabling condition, whether it is physical or mental, visible or invisible.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that while there are resources like disability benefits available to people with a disabling condition, there are many requirements which need to be satisfied when a person is pursuing them. This process can prove to be especially challenging for people with invisible disabilities, so having the guidance, advice and support of an attorney when pursuing benefits can be of great relief.

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