Veterans with ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ may seek benefits

by Jan 19, 2017

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Veterans of the Gulf War, like all other veterans, sacrificed much in the line of duty. Not only did they sacrifice their safety to ensure the safety of our country, but some also sacrificed their health. Disabled veterans nationwide are eligible to seek certain government benefits, but there are some benefits that those who served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm should be especially aware of. Specifically, compensation may be available to Gulf War veterans who suffered an illness or injury in the line of duty, if these veterans served in the military between August 2, 1990, to July 31, 1991.

For example, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Gulf War veterans may be able to seek compensation if they suffered an illness that went undiagnosed. Some conditions that a veteran may suffer include sleep problems, mental health problems, neurological problems, breathing problems, pain in their muscles and joints, heart problems, headaches, menstrual problems and skin problems. These conditions, which cannot be pinpointed to a specific illness, go by the moniker of “Gulf War Syndrome.”

Certain infectious diseases can also cause a Gulf War veteran to seek disability benefits, as can certain gastrointestinal disorders. Gulf War veterans are also permitted to seek both VA compensation and Social Security disability benefits if their injury or illness keeps them from being able to work.

In addition, an exam known as the Gulf War Registry Health Exam is offered to veterans of the Gulf War at no cost. The exam aims to help the VA gain more information about health issues veterans of the Gulf War suffered due to their service in the military. There may also be health care available for service-connected health conditions.

All veterans deserve to be honored, and part of this is providing them with the health care they need when they come home from service. By pursuing VA benefits and SSD benefits, veterans from across the nation can seek the financial help they need to make ends meet if their health prevents them from working.

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