Pursuing SSI can present legal challenges

by Feb 4, 2016

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Living with a severe or fatal illness or injury can be physically and emotionally challenging. Moreover, trying to obtain the necessary financial resources to take care of yourself in such times can be even more challenging, particularly if you cannot work. Workers in Knoxville, who had to give up their jobs due to a disability, may want to seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, what about individuals who do not have the necessary work history to obtain SSD benefits? Are there any options for them?

Low income individuals, who are disabled, blind or elderly and have been unable to work may be able to seek Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Individuals who are under the retirement age set by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and have not paid into the Social Security system via payroll deductions for the past decade may be able to seek SSI benefits.


Nonetheless, there are strict income and resource requirements for doing so. Simply put, if one’s financial resources are above a certain limit, they may not qualify for SSI. That being said, the medical requirements necessary for one to qualify for SSI are basically the same as those necessary to qualify for SSD benefits.


Of course, every case is unique and the SSA will examine each application on its own merits. For this reason, it can help to have an attorney when applying for SSI, to make sure the application contains all the necessary information. In addition, if an application is denied the first time around, an attorney can represent the denied throughout the appeals process.


The legal team at the Disability Advantage Group, are experienced in assisting those who are applying for SSI. Their SSI overview may be a good resource for those interested in pursuing SSI.