Seeking disability benefits after a cancer diagnosis

by Jun 3, 2016

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While scientists continue their efforts to find cures for the many types of cancers that afflict individuals in Tennessee, many individuals still suffer from cancer every year. While some will emerge from treatment strong having beat cancer into remission, others may find that their cancer affects them more harshly, stopping them from being able to work for an extended period of time. Some people even face cancers that are fatal, with no hope of remission or cure. When this happens, these individuals may wonder if the government offers any sort of benefits to those who can no longer work due to a fatal illness.

Fortunately, depending on the circumstances, some individuals with cancer can seek Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration will evaluate cancer based on its origin, the extent of its involvement, how long and often the applicant receives anticancer therapy, the applicant’s response to such treatments and what post-therapy effects the applicant experiences.

Individuals with cancer applying for disability benefits need to provide the SSA with certain medical evidence. This evidence must explain what type of cancer the applicant has, the extent of the cancer in the applicant and where the cancer is located. If the applicant had an operation, the SSA will need a copy of the pathology report and the operative note. Summaries of any other medical reports and hospitalizations may also be useful. Information may also be needed that describes the cancer’s progress or reoccurrence, whether there are any significant residuals and how the applicant has responded to therapy.

Cancer can be a difficult battle to face, without having to also worry about the financial costs individuals afflicted with it will incur. Those who want to learn more about applying for disability benefits can seek out the advice of a professional who can guide them through the process.