Seeking SSDI after a serious accident can be vital

by Apr 19, 2015

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Accidents happen; there is no escaping that fact. Unfortunately, some of these accidents have devastating repercussions for the people hurt by them and that one event can drastically change their lives.

For example, let’s consider a situation where a person is injured in a serious car accident. In the blink of an eye, a person can experience some life-changing injuries from which they may never recover.

Accidents could results in conditions like back injuries, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, limb amputation and disfiguring burns and scars. This doesn’t even include the mental and psychological disorders that people can experience as a result of this type of event.

Victims of serious accidents can suffer from depression, extreme anxiety, mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder after a severe accident. Sometimes these conditions are the result of damage to a specific part of a person’s brain and other times they are the result of suffering through a traumatic situation. In either case, they can lead to changes in a person’s behavior, personality and ability to take care of themselves.

When someone has suffered multiple injuries in an accident, it can be an enormous challenge to determine how and if a person will be able to recover. Focusing on the recovery and getting the appropriate treatment should be the top priority.

Because this situation can also prevent a person from working, it can also be crucial to explore the options for disability benefits to help an injured collect benefits even if they cannot work for at least a year. Rather than take on this difficult but critical process alone, it can be wise to work with an attorney familiar with the Social Security system and pursuing the benefits that people greatly need and deserve.

The attorneys at our firm have the experience and capabilities to help people across Tennessee navigate the SSDI application and appeals processes in light of a serious accident. To learn more about our background and how to contact us to discuss your case, please visit our website.