Serious work accident in Knoxville leaves one seriously injured

by Apr 6, 2014

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Workers in Knoxville complete shift day after day, normally without issues. However, particularly in industrial jobs, there is an ever present danger that something could go wrong, causing an accident that may lead to injury. Sadly, just such an event took place very recently in North Knoxville.

According to a report, the accident occurred at a plant where workers melt down scrap metal. People nearby describe hearing a loud boom that was, by all accounts, very out of the ordinary, even shaking houses in the area. Upon looking for the source, one neighbor noted that he saw smoke coming out of the factory while car alarms rang out on the street.

Unfortunately, the accident left six with work-related injury. While five of those involved appear to have suffered injuries described as minor, one worker apparently had burns that covered more than 80 percent of the body. The exact source – whether molten metal or steam – was not immediately known.

When a tragic accident like this occurs, an injured worker’s focus will turn towards recovery. However, in cases where injuries are severe and debilitating, a quick return to work may be out of the question. Severe injuries like burn injuries can require long-term care. It is true that workers’ compensation will help for some time, but if a worker is unable to maintain regular employment, an application for Social Security Disability benefits for injuries must be considered.

SSDI can provide injured workers with the money they desperately need to stay afloat during the period of time that they are unable to return to work. While payments will continue for life if a person is permanently disabled, even those who gradually recover and eventually return to work can benefit while out of work and may be eligible for “work incentives” to be paid during the transition back into the workforce.

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