Social Security Disability receives some support from lawmakers

by Sep 8, 2014

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Social Security resources are designed to help Tennessee residents suffering disability, which is why knowledge of the program and benefits may be a good starting point for an individual entering the unknown territory of disability. Social Security Disability insurance recently received some support from one lawmaker. The senator from a nearby state noted that it may be beneficial for Social Security benefits and Social Security Disability insurance benefits not only to not be cut, but to be expanded. The lawmaker made a plea to protect and defend the programs recognized as an important for the disabled, indigent and elderly individuals, as well as others in retirement.

Social Security Disability pays benefits for nearly nine million disabled Americans. While Social Security Disability insurance is a separate benefit from retirement benefits, 58 million retired Americans receive Social Security retirement benefits, which illustrate the overall importance of the programs. Concerns center on funding for the disability program, as well as other Social Security programs.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be important to many workers, and their families, who find themselves experiencing an inability to work due to a work accident, injury, medical condition or other disability. Individuals in those circumstances are those that Social Security benefits were designed to protect. There are requirements, including medical requirements, which must be met to qualify for SSD benefits. For example, the illness, injury or medical condition must have rendered the recipient unable to work for a year, following the illness or injury. Benefits may be received until the party is able to return to work or, in some circumstances, permanent disability can be awarded.

Suffering injury or illness and becoming disabled can be scary and disempowering. The system of SSD insurance is designed to help, which is why it may be helpful to better understand the process and options when suffering with a disability.

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