Supplemental Security Income: how do I apply?

by Jan 23, 2016

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In our final post this week about Supplemental Security Income, we take a look at the application process. Once people realize that they do not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, but that they may qualify for SSI, they may wonder what the application process is like.

As a general rule, you can contact the Social Security Administration for questions or visit your local Social Security office. Another option that many individuals choose is to have someone help them with the application process, such as an attorney. There are many forms that need to be filled out besides the basic application, such as the Appointment of Representative form, and an attorney can help you with that.

Your attorney will likely run through the various documents you will need in order to prove your case. For example, you will need proof of age, citizenship or status in the country, proof of income, resources and living arrangements.

Proving your income is a very important part of applying for SSI since these benefits are provided to individuals with limited income and resources. You may need to compile documents such as tax returns, payroll stubs, and documents related to work expenses. You may also need to find documentation of life insurance policies, burial contracts, and titles or registration for vehicles.

Being able to compile all of this information, while dealing with a disability, can be very difficult or even impossible on your own. Sometimes the best option is to reach out to a professional who has experience with the SSI application process so that you do it correctly the first time.