Survey reveals seeking benefits can exacerbate health conditions

by Sep 25, 2015

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It is no secret that navigating the process for seeking financial benefits from the government can be a strain on people who are already suffering from serious health conditions. People who have been through this process would likely tell you that it can come with a considerable amount of stress and anxiety because of how complicated and confusing it can be.

However, it is not just anecdotal evidence that suggests there is a link between stress and worsening of serious illnesses. Recently, a survey conducted in the UK revealed that nearly half of the people with multiple sclerosis who were surveyed experienced physical lapses or deterioration as a result of applying for disability benefits.

Although the survey was not conducted in the U.S., it does highlight some serious issues that people with MS and other serious illnesses often have to deal with right here in Tennessee when they are pursuing Social Security disability benefits.

To begin with, the process of seeking benefits through the Social Security Administration is not known for being all that fast. Because of this, potential recipients often have to go weeks or even months without this crucial financial support and no real indication of when or if that will change.

This can result in some very difficult decisions. People may stop seeking medical treatment or spend less money on food or other necessities. The survey also revealed that respondents said they were spending less time with friends and families while they were trying to navigate the benefits system.

In these situations, a person’s physical and psychological health can suffer dramatically which can only make matters more difficult and upsetting.

This is why it can be so beneficial to have guidance if you are in the position of seeking SSDI disability benefits. An attorney can help you through the process of applying for benefits and/or seeking an appeal, which can make you feel reassured and confident that the appropriate steps are being taken to pursue the financial support you need.

Source: The Guardian, “MS sufferers’ health damages by benefits tests, survey finds,” Sept. 13, 2015