The financial challenges of disability-related medical bills

by Apr 22, 2016

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A disability can cause a person to have a wide range of medical needs. Consequently, disabled individuals can find themselves with a lot of medical bills. Also, for many disabled individuals, facing high medical bills is not just a one-time thing, but an ongoing issue.

Daunting medical bills can lead to financial difficulties. A recent national survey underscores how common medical-bill-related financial struggles are. In the survey, around 26 percent of the respondents said that they have experienced serious financial problems as a result of health care costs. Some examples of financial difficulties the respondents reported facing are having to take on loans or debts that are difficult to repay, personal savings depletion and having difficulties meeting everyday expenses.

All different kinds of individuals can end up facing troubles with medical bills, even individuals with insurance. This is because of things like coverage limits and rising deductibles.

Medical-bill-related financial struggles can pose a range of difficulties for disabled individuals. They could have substantial impacts on a disabled person’s everyday life. They could also create roadblocks for such individuals when it comes to getting their medical needs properly met.

So, when facing high medical bills, every little bit of financial relief can be important. This is why, when a person is disabled and qualifies for Social Security disability, it can be very important for them to get all the SSD benefits they are entitled to. Thus, when an individual with a qualifying disability is experiencing difficulties in getting their SSD benefit claim approved, they should go to an SSD attorney for guidance on what can be done to address the difficulties.

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