The Social Security Disability Waiting Period

by Nov 8, 2019

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What is the Social Security Disability Waiting Period?

Many questions arise when seeking social security disability. The process is not common knowledge and is fairly non-applicable until needed. Many people have the misconception that disability benefits begin immediately. This is unfortunately untrue.

Social Security Disability Waiting Period

What is the Waiting Period for Social Security Disability Benefits?

There is a 5 month waiting period where no disability benefits are paid. It is important to understand when this date starts, and what it is based on. This date is based on the EOD, or the Established onset date that the individual became disabled. The EOD is established by the Social Security Administration, and is based on the documentation and information provided by the person filing the disability claim.

This documentation includes your work history and medical records. These help the disability examiner to establish when a person actually became disabled.

Are there exceptions to the Waiting period?

Not usually, but there are very few exceptions to the 5 month waiting period for social security disability benefits to begin. However, an individual may qualify for up to twelve months of retroactive back payments. The requirement for this is that they have to have been disabled for 17 months. This goes back to having accurate work history and medical records that help establish when a disability began.

Your Filing Date is Essential

Your onset date is vital to receiving benefits. Working with a Social Security Disability attorney will help you to organize your documents, work history and medical records. The goal is to establish the earliest onset date as possible. Even if you are denied, it is important to reapply as soon as possible. When you start over with a new filing date, you can potentially lose thousands of dollars in back pay and benefits.

When does the 5 Month waiting period not apply?

The 5 month waiting period does not apply when an individual is eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income, also called SSI. SSI is not without its limitations, though. People who receive SSI are not eligible for back pay. The benefit of SSI is that it has no waiting period, because it is a need-based disability program.

SSD Waiting Period: Things to Remember

Your waiting period is 5 months. That is why it is important to gather as much documentation as quickly as possible. You should also file your claim as quickly as possible. Working with a Social Security lawyer will enable you ensure accuracy and avoid vital mistakes that could cost you valuable time and money.