Tips for those returning to work with a disabling condition

by Sep 13, 2015

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Physical or mental conditions that are severe enough to be disabling can turn a person’s world upside down. People who were at one time healthy and independent may find themselves relying on support from others and struggling to manage necessary lifestyle adjustments.

For many people, getting back to work is an important way to regain some independence and bring some sense of normalcy back into their lives. However, the thought of returning to work can seem frightening and intimidating. Thankfully, there are some ways that people can make this transition a little easier. 

As discussed in this article in The Guardian, the following are some important tips for transitioning back to work.

  • Communication: Keeping communication with your employer open and honest can be essential. This will ensure that you have the proper accommodations in place during your employment. It can also minimize unnecessary concerns for your capabilities on the job. Discussing your condition with the appropriate parties can also allow them to help you if there are signs that you are in need of it.
  • Take the transition at your own pace: Adjusting to a regular work schedule, job stress and the considerable social changes associated with employment can be physically and emotionally demanding. Phasing your return can help you make the adjustments more slowly and deliberately.
  • Monitor your well-being: Going back to work doesn’t mean that your condition is gone. You should still focus on your health and check in with your doctors, counselors and loved ones to make sure you are not neglecting your mental or physical health.

It should also be noted that there are also financial concerns to address when it comes to returning to work. People who are disabled and qualify for benefits may not want to lose this critical support, which can happen when a person becomes financially stable again. However, as we discussed in detail in this article, the Social Security Administration has numerous programs in place to encourage people to return to the workforce without facing the immediate loss of benefits.

If you suffer from a mentally or physically disabling condition but want to know your options regarding going back to work, it can be crucial to discuss your options and rights with an attorney familiar with SSDI and the Social Security benefits system as a whole.