Veterans in Tennessee face issues when looking for employment

by Sep 10, 2015

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Tennessee, because of its various military installations, is home to a large population of military veterans. Those veterans live and work in the state in order to support their families and to provide them with the best possible life. However, finding employment is often challenging for the veterans in Tennessee. The reasons behind such unemployment are various but often, the obstacles are the result of war-related injuries and illnesses, lack of education and prior criminal convictions.

According to a 2014 survey conducted by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, or IAVA, most veterans face difficulties because of a mismatch in the skills required for the job and the skills of the veteran. In other cases, the lack of certification is an issue for many veterans looking for a job. As a result, many veterans are not able to earn the amount of money that they earned while serving in the military because, while they were earning money according to their grade and experience, civilian jobs require certification.

While the lack of certification and the lack of the required skills are major factors, the difficulties that veterans experience because of their disabilities should be taken into consideration. In fact, many employers are apprehensive about hiring veterans because many soldiers who return from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and such mental conditions can have an effect on a veteran’s ability to pursue employment in the future. This has resulted in issues that are difficult to resolve.

Tennessee veterans who are in a similar situation, however, have certain options. For example, the Tennessee Department of Labor has American Job Centers set up across the state, which have dedicated representatives to help veterans. In the event that a veteran is unable to do any type of employment because of a disability, that veteran can depend on federal and state veteran benefits, such as Social Security Disability benefits. However, obtaining such benefits can be difficult and; therefore, veterans may wish to seek legal representation for additional guidance and support.

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