Veterans should explore all their benefit options

by Jan 31, 2015

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After serving in our nation’s military, many Tennessee veterans retire to civilian life. For some, they go on to have successful civilian career. They may look fondly on their time in the military, but never need additional support. However, other veterans are not as lucky. In many cases, they leave the military with severe physical and emotional wounds. These medical issues may make it impossible for the person to hold another job. While these people may be willing to work, they may be physically limited.

In these situations, the Veteran’s Association provides a myriad of support. There may be emotional support, medical support and financial options. These different programs can help to ensure that a disabled veteran has everything the person needs to move forward from the person’s military career.

However, veterans should understand that they have other benefit options as well. In many cases, disabled veterans qualify for financial support under the Social Security disability programs. These benefits can help veterans obtain the long-term medical care that a person might need while still being able to provide for their day-to-day needs.

Our law firm has worked with veterans. We can help disabled veterans understand all their benefit options. We know that the legal and bureaucratic systems can be difficult and complex for most people. Instead of navigating these waters and the red-tape alone, our firm can provide valuable support. This way, veterans can focus on their new civilian lives instead of the burdensome process of securing benefits. The right help can also give people the space they need to focus on their physical recovery without worrying about how they will pay for it all.

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