Veterans struggling to apply for SSDI may seek help

by Feb 16, 2016

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America’s veterans risk their lives every day to protect our country. Unfortunately, they also risk their health in the process. Veterans in Tennessee who suffer an illness or injury while in service to our nation may find that once they come home, they struggle to adjust to civilian life, especially if their illness or injury interferes with their daily life so that they cannot work. When this happens, they may want to seek Veterans Administration benefits and Social Security disability benefits, but they may not know how to do so. That is when it is important to seek the proper help.

Disabled veterans may be eligible for both VA benefits and SSD benefits. However, these two programs are operated by separate agencies — the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Social Security Administration — and the application process and requirements are different for each. Fortunately, there are professionals available to help veterans as they seek VA and SSD benefits.


The Disability Advantage Group, are available to help veterans in the Knoxville are who are pursuing benefits. Whether it is with an initial application for SSD or appealing a decision made by the SSA, if our legal team is handling one’s case for SSD benefits, we can also coordinate with any other individual who is handling one’s VA application. In addition, our firm can work with medical professionals who are involved in diagnosing and treating the medical condition that is at issue. We can take care of the details so that our clients are not burdened by the application process.


Applying for SSD benefits can be overwhelming, but help is available. To start, the following overview on SSD Benefits and VA Benefits may be informative for those who want to seek benefits.