Ways the SSA may misinterpret, ignore SSDI application details

by Aug 14, 2015

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It can be easy for people to assume that all they need to do to receive Social Security disability benefits is to fill out the application and wait. However, filling out the application isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

There are many ways the information you include in or leave off your application can be misinterpreted or even ignored by the Social Security Administration. Because of this, it can be wise to have help from an attorney familiar with this process when you are submitting your application or filing an appeal for disability benefits.

The SSA awards benefits to people who are found to be physically or mentally incapable of engaging in “substantial gainful activity.” In order to determine this, the SSA will assess your medical condition and your ability to work.

In assessing a medical condition, the SSA will evaluate medical opinions and your records of treatment. However, they may draw conclusions about a medical condition that are not in line with your application if there are inconsistencies, questions about the treatment or concerns about the relationship between you and the medical sources on your application. In some cases the SSA may even unfairly ignore a medical source if they feel it is irrelevant or unreliable.

Additionally, the SSA may make conclusions about your ability to perform certain job functions that are inaccurate or misinformed. If, for example, you fail to mention that your condition prevents you from standing for any significant length of time, the SSA may conclude that standing is not a limitation. If you make these claims but there is no medical opinion or treatment to back that claim, the SSA may disregard this detail as being baseless.

Knowing what to include in your application for SSDI benefits can be extraordinarily difficult. What you might this is important may be overlooked; what you consider to be a minor detail could play a critical role in the decision.

Considering all that is at stake when it comes to seeking SSDI benefits, it can be wise to utilize the support resources available. This includes legal guidance from an attorney who is familiar with the Social Security system and benefits process.