What information is helpful when a disability claim is rejected?

by Sep 25, 2016

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It is an unfortunate fact, but despite their desperate need, many people in Knoxville and all over the United States who apply for Social Security disability benefits will have their initial claim denied. However, that is not the end of the story for these individuals. It is possible to appeal these decisions. If a person’s application was denied for medical reasons, that person may be able to appeal the decision online. If they choose to do that, it is important to collect certain pieces of information before starting.

First of all, a person should have on hand certain types of personal information. Some of it is very basic, such as the person’s name, address, phone number and Social Security number. However, it is also important to have on hand the date that the person’s SSD benefits claim was denied, along with the representative’s name, phone number and address.

Second, a person should gather up certain types of medical information. This includes the name, phone number and address of relatives or others who have information about the person’s medical condition. If there have been any changes to the person’s medical condition or if the person has a new medical condition, this information should also be provided. In addition, if the person’s education, ability to work or his or her daily activities have changed, the person should be prepared to provide a description of this.

Moreover, information regarding medical appointments, such as the name, phone number, address and appointment dates from all health care providers seen may be necessary. Any information regarding what type of tests or treatments the person has undergone since the person last provided the Social Security Administration with medical evidence should also be on hand.

If a person takes any sort of medication, whether it is prescribed by a doctor or is over-the-counter, this should also be noted, along with the reason the medication is being taken, any side effects the person suffers due to the medication and the identification of the physician who prescribed or recommended the medication.

By having the appropriate documentation on hand to support the person’s appeal, it can help the SSA determine whether or not to approve the person’s claim. Of course, at any point during the appeals process it can help for a person to have legal representation, in order to present the strongest possible case to the SSA.

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