When a loved one is disabled, get the help you need

by Feb 24, 2015

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Imagine a situation where your loved one is injured in a serious accident and is confined to a bed or limited in their ability to care for themselves. Seemingly overnight, your role as a spouse, parent or child changes dramatically and you can become more of a caregiver and advocate. You may have to take on more financial and medical responsibilities, and that is all on top of the challenges that come with the personal adjustments you need to make for yourself.

Now imagine that in the midst of all this, the source of income provided by your loved one shuts down because he or she can’t work. Between the health concerns, lifestyle adjustments and financial problems, you can be completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Sadly, for many people across Tennessee, this is not an imaginary scenario: It is real life.

If this sounds like your situation, you need to understand first and foremost that you are not alone. You have resources at your disposal that can make this difficult time a little easier.

For instance, you and your loved one can seek financial relief by filing for Social Security disability benefits.

These benefits can provide regular support to people who are coping with a disabling injury or illness. However, they are not guaranteed. You will need to apply for the benefits and that can come with a whole host of other requirements that can seem daunting, especially when you and your family are already dealing with so many other stressful situations.

Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate the Social Security system by yourself and you don’t have try and build your case alone. You can work with an attorney who regularly files SSDI claims and appeals and is much more familiar with the process than you may be. To learn more about your options and how the attorneys at our firm may be able to help you, please check out the information on our website.