Why legal guidance can be crucial when seeking SSI

by Feb 27, 2015

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There are many people across Tennessee who qualify for different types of support from the Social Security Administration because of a disabling condition. However, because it can be difficult to figure out all the eligibility requirements and steps to pursue these benefits, there are some folks who are not getting all the financial support they may deserve.

If you are in this situation, you may be thinking to yourself that consulting an attorney to work through this process seems unnecessary. After all, you may be out of work of have never been able to work which can cause some serious concerns about finances. However, seeking legal support is something that could prove to be much more valuable than you expect.

To begin with, you can feel overwhelmed and hopeless when you try to figure out your options for support. Without knowing what types of benefits are available and what you may be eligible to collect, you can get bogged down trying to sort through and interpret all the information you may find.

Additionally, if you are pursuing disability benefits, the fact is that you already have enough to be concerned about in terms of your medical health. The stress and anxiety of navigating a huge, complicated government system for benefits can actually make you feel worse.

Further, most people seeking Supplemental Security Income or Social Security disability benefits are doing so for the first time. They don’t know what obstacles lie ahead, how to avoid common mistakes and what they can do to improve their chances for having an application approved because they lack any substantial experience with the system.

However, an attorney who works with the SSA on a regular basis can provide the support and guidance you may need to avoid delays, oversights and mistakes that could put the benefits you deserve in jeopardy.

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