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If you ingested the contrast agent gadolinium to prepare for an MRI, and you later suffered health complications, you could be eligible for several forms of compensation. If you cannot work because of your condition, you might qualify for Social Security disability. You may also have grounds for a mass torts lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gadolinium-based contrast agent that you ingested.

A gadolinium toxicity lawyer at the Disability Advantage Group can help you fight for every type of compensation you deserve. We help clients build claims for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income and receive benefits. We also help people injured by defective products and bad drugs recover damages in mass torts litigation.

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We Can Help Your Get Social Security for Gadolinium-Related Conditions

Gadolinium is associated with a number of adverse medical conditions. If you developed a health problem after having an MRI, your ailment may have resulted from exposure to gadolinium. When investigating your claim, a Social Security disability lawyer will guide you through the legal process.

Here are some of the conditions linked to gadolinium exposure:

Kidney Failure

A 2006 study found a link between gadolinium and a kidney condition called nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), but the patients examined already had some degree of renal insufficiency. Data released later, however, showed that the compound may put those with minimal or no past issues at risk of kidney failure.

In some cases, these patients’ symptoms arose within hours of ingesting gadolinium. Others did not experience any ill effects until weeks or months later.

The Social Security Blue Book features listings for kidney ailments. That means if you have a diagnosis of kidney disease or kidney failure, we may be able to prove you qualify for disability.

Mental and Cognitive Issues

Many patients who ingested gadolinium have reported severe headaches, brain fog, and other mental and cognitive issues. If you have experienced effects such as these, and you have difficulty working and earning a living because of your condition, you may be eligible to recover Social Security disability benefits. A member of our legal team can help.

Whether your condition appears in the Social Security Blue Book or not, we can make a strong case for benefits by showing that your condition prevents you from maintaining substantially gainful employment.


Other patients exposed to gadolinium have reported varying levels of pain, manifesting in different areas of the body. Some people have complained of soft-tissue thickening in the joints and ligaments, limiting their mobility. Others describe a “pins and needles” sensation in the arms and legs, often so severe that it feels as if their skin is being cut or burned.

Some ailments involving pain appear in the Blue Book, while others do not. Depending on the specifics of your condition, we can get you approved for benefits either by showing where you meet a Blue Book listing or by demonstrating that you are unable to work because of your condition.

Other Adverse Effects

Researchers have nowhere near exhausted the potentially harmful effects of gadolinium. If you are suffering from an ailment not listed above, we may still be able to draw a link to gadolinium exposure.

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Recovering Damages in a Mass Tort Lawsuit

If you ingested gadolinium has part of an MRI procedure and later began to experience adverse effects on your health, you could be eligible to join a mass torts lawsuit against the manufacturers of gadolinium-based contrast agents.

As of 2018, many plaintiffs have drawn up lawsuits against these manufacturers. These cases are at various stages of the legal process.

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You May Be Eligible to File a Gadolinium Lawsuit

If you ingested gadolinium to prepare for an MRI and suffered adverse health effects at any time afterward, you may have grounds to join a mass torts lawsuit against the company the manufactured the contrast agent.

A gadolinium toxicity lawyer from the Disability Advantage Group, can review your case, collect evidence, and draw a clear connection between gadolinium and your health issues. We can help you take on the manufacturer and recover damages for what you have been through.

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Meeting the Statute of Limitations on Gadolinium Lawsuits

If you have suffered health issues that you believe may be a result of gadolinium exposure, you do not have unlimited time to take action. Every state has a statute of limitations to file a lawsuit, and that statute could be as short as one year depending on your state.

To make sure you do not let any deadlines pass that could cause you to lose the ability to recover damages, contact a lawyer right away. An attorney from the Disability Advantage Group can take quick action on your behalf to avoid any statute of limitations issues.

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