Compassionate Allowance: Legal Definition

A compassionate allowance is a special provision in the Social Security disability review process that allows applicants with certain severe medical conditions to skip the queues and the waiting periods and receive benefits right away. The Social Security Administration (SSA) grants compassionate allowances so people with severe, debilitating, and likely fatal conditions, as well as their families, can begin receiving compensation as quickly as possible after applying.

If you or a loved one is applying for Social Security disability with a major medical issue, you may be eligible for a compassionate allowance. A disability lawyer can help you get it. For a free case evaluation, call the Disability Advantage Group at 865-566-0800.

Medical Conditions Eligible for Compassionate Allowances

The SSA reserves compassionate allowances for the most severe cases. Remember, the SSA has judged all Social Security disability recipients as totally disabled, meaning their conditions are not minor. Yet the SSA grants compassionate allowances to only a small percentage of applicants. Typically, these occur in cases where the patient’s condition is terminal or completely debilitating.

Medical conditions frequently considered for compassionate allowances include:

  • Rare disorders that affect children
  • Certain cancers
  • Adult brain disorders

The Benefits of Receiving a Compassionate Allowance

A compassionate allowance offers only one benefit, but it is a big one. You can start receiving Social Security disability benefits quickly rather than waiting for your application to work its way through the review queue, a process that often stretches for months and months.

If you have limited insurance and a medical condition that costs thousands of dollars to treat each month, the difference between waiting five or six months for benefits and receiving them right away can be significant to you and your family.

How the SSA Decides Who Is Eligible for Compassionate Allowances

Your medical condition determines whether you are eligible for a compassionate allowance. The SSA does not take lightly the job of deciding which conditions are and are not eligible for this privilege. It constantly seeks input and direction, which it has received from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Social Security and Disability Determination Services Community, and the public.

The SSA even offers a place on its website where you can suggest a condition for it to consider for compassionate allowances.

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