Law Firm: Legal Definition

A law firm is a business engaged in the practice of law. It can range in size from a one-person shop, featuring a single attorney, to an enormous organization employing hundreds of lawyers plus support staff.

Most law firms focus on a handful of practice areas. A Social Security law firm helps clients apply for and receive Social Security benefits. A VA disability law firm helps veterans collect benefits for medical conditions suffered during their military service.

The Role of a Social Security & VA Disability Law Firm

A Social Security disability law firm employs Social Security disability lawyers who help clients either apply for benefits or appeal a denial of benefits. They may also employ a Veterans Affairs (VA) disability lawyer who understands the nuances of VA disability law.

Although the law does not require Social Security disability applicants to hire a lawyer, there are many benefits to doing so. Here are a few ways Social Security and VA disability lawyers help their clients:

Evaluating Claims

Choosing a Social Security lawyer with a winning track record shows they’ve assisted dozens of clients, if not more, apply for and receive benefits. In helping other clients, your lawyer will have learned the elements comprising a successful disability claim.

They can use their knowledge to evaluate your claim and determine how to make it as compelling as possible. Given the first-time approval rate for Social Security disability applicants is well under 50%, a lawyer’s insight at this stage of the process is invaluable.

Gathering Supporting Documentation

The strength of your disability application hinges on its supporting documentation — that is, the medical evidence you submit with your application. Anyone can fill out an application making their disability sound severe and deserving of benefits. But without evidence to back up those claims, your chances of approval are slim to none.

Based on the specifics of your claim, your attorney knows exactly what evidence you need to convince Social Security or Veterans Affairs you’re worthy of approval. Your attorney can help you collect and assemble this documentation.

Appealing Denials

As we mentioned, more than half of all first-time Social Security disability applications get denied on the first try. If you’ve applied on your own and didn’t receive a favorable response, a lawyer can help you file a strong appeal.

Representing You at an Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Perhaps the most important part of the Social Security disability appeals process is the administrative law judge hearing. At this conference, you have the opportunity to plead your case face-to-face to a judge who has unilateral decision-making authority.

Your lawyer can accompany you to this hearing and argue your case on your behalf. We strongly recommend having a lawyer on your side. You only get one shot to make an impression on the judge.

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