How to Choose a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

by Sep 15, 2017Disability Benefits

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Some people can manage the Social Security disability claims process entirely on their own. However, many cases would benefit from the help of a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer. Denials happen more often than you might believe.

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your claim, you have questions about the claims process, or you recently received a notice that the SSA is cutting your benefits, it is time to think about hiring an attorney to help you secure the benefits you deserve.

While we hope you choose the disability lawyers at the Disability Advantage Group to represent you, we want you to know how to choose a Social Security disability lawyer first. Consider the following when hiring a Social Security disability attorney:

Focuses on Social Security Disability Law

Some firms try to be a one-stop shop for all your legal needs. They handle divorces, wills, child custody, car accidents, business contracts, and employment law. And they can also take on your Social Security case.

Here is the thing, though. These lawyers usually know a little about a lot of subjects, when you need someone who knows all aspects of Social Security disability claims. Choosing a lawyer who works with only Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance is usually a better option.

Knows the Appeals Process

To win your case, your lawyer must understand the steps of the claims and the appeals process and know how to provide the evidence to prove a claim after a denial.

Being familiar with how each step works, and having navigated the process numerous times before is key in ensuring your appeal goes smoothly. It can also make a difference in securing your benefits sooner rather than later.

Worked with Other Clients with Your Condition

Certain medical conditions are more challenging than others when it comes to getting an approval. Having an attorney on your side who knows the ins and outs of your particular condition can help.

Your lawyer can apply the experience gained from these previous cases to your claim, meaning you have a better chance of approval. If you have a rare condition, this may not be possible. However, you can ask about similar conditions when you meet with a prospective attorney.

Has a High Approval Rate for Clients

Most successful Social Security disability lawyers are glad to brag about how many of their clients received approval letters. Since most only get paid after the client receives benefits, attorneys only take on cases they believe they can win.

A high approval rate and glowing testimonials means the lawyer is willing to jump all the hurdles set by the SSA to secure clients the benefits they deserve.

Wins Full Benefits for Most Qualifying Clients

Sometimes, the SSA will approve only partial benefits for an applicant, leaving them in a financial crisis and still unable to work. If you qualify for full benefits, your lawyer should supply all the evidence necessary to prove it. When attorneys win full benefits for most of their clients, they demonstrate their ability to do this.

Communicates Well with Clients

Many different people must work together for a successful Social Security disability appeal. You, your lawyer, your doctor, and sometimes even specialists need to share information and documentation. This makes good communication paramount in these cases.

Choose a lawyer with a strong communication policy, who will return calls within a set time frame, and who sends reminders for hearing appointments and other important dates.

Is Upfront and Honest with You

No lawyer can guarantee a positive outcome in your case. When it comes to Social Security disability claims, your attorney should give you an honest opinion on your chances of approval based on the strength of your qualifications and his past experience.

Your attorney should also tell you that there is little he can do to speed up the appeals process, although he can assure that you meet all deadlines.  

Has a Clear Fee Structure

Most Social Security disability lawyers do not require payment upfront. Instead, they operate on a contingency basis, meaning they only receive compensation if you do. You might have to pay some costs no matter if you win approval or not, however.

This includes the cost of obtaining your medical records and court costs if necessary. A good lawyer will tell you about these fees in your initial consultation, rather than springing them on you later. Most will also advance these costs, and allow you to pay after you receive your final determination.

Let the Disability Advantage Group Get You Approved for Disability Benefits

The Social Security disability lawyers at the Disability Advantage Group have experience getting people just like you the Social Security benefits they deserve and desperately need. We can evaluate your application, analyze your options for appeals, and determine the best way to get you the money you need.

Call us today at 865-566-0800 to schedule a time for a free consultation with one of the members of our team.