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If you took the diabetes drug, Invokana®, and suffered side effects or complications, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. You may also have grounds to recover damages in a mass tort lawsuit against the maker of the drug. You could receive compensation to pay for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

An Invokana lawsuit lawyer from the Disability Advantage Group, can help recover the money you deserve. If someone else is responsible for your injury, we help you hold that party accountable. For a free consultation with a member of our team, call 865-566-0800 today.

Getting Social Security for Invokana-Related Conditions

Invokana is associated with a number of serious ailments. Many of them make you eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Our Social Security disability attorneys can help you file a claim, gather the required supporting documentation, and get approved for disability.


One disability linked to the drug is amputation. Many patients who took Invokana for diabetes needed to have limbs amputated. If you lost a limb due to Invokana, you may be eligible for Social Security disability if your amputation prevents you from being gainfully employed.

The Social Security Blue Book listing for amputation says you can receive benefits if your condition meets one of the following criteria:

  • Loss of both hands
  • Loss of one or both legs above the ankle, and an inability to wear a prosthetic
  • Loss of one hand and one leg above the ankle
  • Hip disarticulation

If you do not meet a Blue Book listing, we can still help you get approved for disability by showing that your condition prevents you from working and carrying out daily living activities. Call the Disability Advantage Group at 865-566-0800 for a free consultation.

Kidney Failure/Kidney Injury

Invokana may also cause various kidney issues. Several of these conditions qualify for Social Security disability, including kidney failure and end-stage renal disease.

Again, even if you do not meet a Blue Book listing, you may still qualify for benefits. attorneys can gather evidence and build a solid case that your kidney condition prevents you from working.

Cardiovascular Injury

Invokana has been linked to severe cardiovascular complications, including heart attack and stroke. Cardiovascular disease has its own section in the Social Security Blue Book. The specific nature of your condition determines the criteria you have to meet to get approved based on a listing. Our team can work with you to put together a claim so that you can begin receiving compensation.

Other Ailments

Invokana may cause a number of other complications of varying severity. These include diabetic ketoacidosis, urinary tract infections, and blood infections.

Any medical condition that keeps you out of work or is expected to keep you out of work for 12 months or longer may be eligible for Social Security disability. We can help you determine the best way to go about getting approved for benefits.

If you have suffered any of the conditions listed above or any other medical ailment you believe may stem from your use of Invokana, talk to a lawyer to find out if you are eligible for disability. Call the Disability Advantage Group for a free case evaluation: 865-566-0800.

An Invokana Lawsuit Lawyer Will Work to Recover the Damages You Deserve in a Mass Tort Lawsuit

If you suffered any type of medical complications after being prescribed Invokana by your doctor, you could be eligible to take part in a mass tort lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson.

As of 2018, a host of lawsuits against the drugmaker are winding their way through the legal process. The plaintiffs in these cases claim Johnson & Johnson was negligent in producing the drug and took intentional steps to hide the drug’s dangers from the public.

An Invokana lawsuit lawyer will work with you to recover the damages that you deserve. Call the Disability Advantage Group 865-566-0800 for a free consultation today.

Determining Whether You Are Eligible to File an Invokana Lawsuit

If you took Invokana after a doctor prescribed you the drug, and you suffered medical complications or an adverse reaction, you could be eligible to take part in mass torts litigation against Johnson & Johnson, potentially recovering significant damages.

Even if you are not sure if your condition arose because you took Invokana, it is worth your time to speak with a lawyer about what happened and determine what your options are. The attorneys at the Disability Advantage Group, will review your case for free and let you know how they can help.

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Filing Prior to the Statute of Limitations on Bad Drug Lawsuits

You do not have unlimited time to file a mass tort lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for the complications you suffered after taking Invokana. Every state has a statute of limitations on bad drug lawsuits.

In addition, the current mass torts litigation against Johnson & Johnson has certain date requirements for eligibility. An Invokana lawsuit lawyer can go over these with you.

Our team will review your case and let you know of every deadline you should be aware of. We can take action on your behalf quickly so that you do not lose the ability to recover damages.

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