Social Security Disability Benefits For Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder refers to a mental illness previously known as manic depression. A bipolar disorder often appears in adolescence, and it can reoccur in later years even after being latent or under control for decades. It is a mood disorder that may include periods of depression, periods of euphoria and difficulty maintaining long-term stability.

By the time a person affected by bipolar disorder joins the workforce, the condition may have been treated for a number of years. The condition may re-emerge as problematic around the time that a career is ramping up. A previously controlled version of bipolar disorder may make the stresses of a normal work life unmanageable.

You may have undergone extensive psychological testing, therapy and medication. You may have been hospitalized at least once. You may have worked a number of years but experienced difficulties when symptoms reappeared.

If you, your doctors and your employers have reached a point where you suspect or realize that your mental disorder is a true disability, you should talk to a Social Security Disability attorney about how to document your case and apply for benefits. Working closely with a lawyer from the time of the initial application may enhance your likelihood of approval or of a successful appeal after a claim is denied.

Our Law Firm Has Helped Many People Obtain SSD Benefits Based On Mental Disorders

At the Disability Advantage Group, in Knoxville, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience applicable to SSD claims and appeals based on mental disorders. We know the types of evidence of your symptoms and inability to continue working full-time that an administrative judge is likely to expect to see if your case goes to appeal.

As we tell potential clients who contact our law firm, “One call does it all” with us. That means you can eliminate guesswork with our help and guidance. We can take over the burdens you may be carrying. You may wonder how to prove to an impersonal government agency what you, your family and your health care providers have come to understand: A return to full-time work is simply not feasible given the symptoms of your bipolar disorder. The Disability Advantage Group, has ample experience doing just that.

In a nutshell, if you are eligible for Social Security Disability, we can lift the burden of moving your claim for benefits forward. At the same time, we will prepare for an appeal to be ready to give it the best chance of success if your case goes to an administrative hearing.

Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder? Unable To Continue Working Full-Time? Ask For Help To Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits.

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