Heart Attack And SSDI – Attorneys In Knoxville

After a heart attack or onset of heart disease, working full-time may no longer be an option. A patient coping with heart failure is often under a doctor’s orders to rest and avoid stressful activities. Many lines of work are incompatible for a worker struggling with a heart ailment. Even if your job is sedentary, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits once a heart ailment or other physical disability reduces your vitality and causes you to miss work often for:

  • Symptom management
  • Doctors’ appointments

As with any physical impairment, qualifying from SSD benefits does not depend on the cause of your heart failure. Rather, it has to do with your work history and your inability to continue working full-time for a year or more.

What if your heart ailment (such as a heart murmur) amounts to a partial disability but does not incapacitate you completely? It is still worth your while to consult with an SSD lawyer to discuss your overall health. It could be that you have other partially disabling conditions (such as PTSD or arthritis). Especially if you are over age 50, the combined effects of your medical conditions may be sufficient to prove disability for the purposes of receiving SSD benefits.

Experienced Tennessee Attorneys Helping Heart Disease Sufferers Nationally

An SSD lawyer at the Disability Advantage Group, in Knoxville can evaluate your case and let you know whether you are likely to be approved when applying for disability benefits after a heart attack. We can guide you in your initial application to position you well to win at the appeals level if your application is denied initially.

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