SSD For Individuals With Multiple Impairments


An experienced Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyer can help you a great deal as you are preparing to apply for SSD benefits on the basis of multiple types of disability including:

As career SSD attorneys, we often encounter disability claimants for whom the sum total or combined effects of various partial disabilities is the main barrier to their employability. Most people who struggle with one or more disabling conditions give their best efforts to managing and overcoming obstacles in their work lives. They may seek the best available medical treatment and therapies, seek reasonable accommodations at work and otherwise devote their best efforts to coping with physical or mental challenges. However, sometimes the cumulative effect of multiple disorders is simply too much as a person deals day to day and week to week with:

  • Recurrence or flare-ups of symptoms such as pain or anxiety
  • Frequent absences from work for doctors’ visits and recuperation
  • Management of medications and/or worsening symptoms

By way of example: A bad knee, a recurrence of bouts of anxiety or depression, a cancer diagnosis and a lung ailment may put too many barriers in a person’s daily life for full-time employment to be feasible anymore.

In order to qualify for SSD benefits on the basis of multiple impairments, it is necessary to determine and document the percentage of disability presented by each impairment. Our attorneys at the Disability Advantage Group, have ample experience assisting clients with initial applications as well as appealing denied claims in such cases.

Find The Legal Guidance You Need

Without knowledgeable legal guidance, an applicant – even someone with documented multiple disabilities – may be denied benefits. The Disability Advantage Group, in Knoxville works with SSD benefit applicants throughout Tennessee and nationwide. We also handle appeals in all areas of Tennessee and in all states.

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