How to Get Disability for Burns & Soft Tissues Injuries

Burns and soft tissue injuries can cause more than just intense pain. They can have far-reaching consequences that affect other body systems. These include cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and neurological effects. You might also suffer mental trauma, speech impairment, or sensory disruptions. Many symptoms of burns and soft tissue injuries can keep you from working.

If your condition limits your ability to sustain gainful employment, you deserve compensation. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to workers who become disabled and can no longer work. If you do not have a work history but are of limited means, you might qualify for a different form of disability, called Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

You need a qualified disability attorney to examine your situation. Based on your condition, your work history, and your financial profile, a lawyer can determine if you qualify. More importantly, a good disability lawyer has vast experience with the Social Security Administration (SSA). They know what it takes to get disability for burns and soft tissues injuries.

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How Can I Qualify for Disability for My Burn or Soft Tissue Injury?

The first thing our attorneys do is determine if your condition meets a Blue Book listing. The SSA developed the Blue Book to establish a list of medical conditions that qualify for disability. If your condition satisfies the criteria for a Blue Book listing, then the approval process is much easier. Even if it does not, we still have several ways to work around that and get you approved.

Fortunately, burns and soft tissue injuries have their own entries in the Blue Book. That said, the book lays out several criteria—some of them vague—that you must meet to receive approval for benefits. Our job is to assemble enough proof to show that you meet or exceed these requirements.

Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Burns and Soft Tissue Injuries

Surgical Burns

The Blue Book has two sections that deal with burns and soft tissue injuries. The first, Section 1.08, deals with burns under surgical management. If your injury necessitated a surgical procedure to restore or repair a major bodily function, you can qualify under this entry. For instance, serious burns to the head and face impair a major function and, therefore, qualify for benefits.

Burns and soft tissue injuries requiring surgery are eligible for benefits if your doctor does not expect the body function under repair to heal within 12 months. Once the function returns, you must undergo re-evaluation by the SSA to determine if you qualify for continuing benefits.

We work with your treating physicians to produce the evidence we need to qualify you under this listing.

Non-Surgical Burns

If your injury does not require surgery, you might still qualify for benefits under Blue Book Section 8.08. This entry describes the type of non-surgical burns and soft tissue injuries that can receive compensation.

We must prove to the SSA that even though you did not undergo surgery, your injury impaired a major bodily function and your doctor does not expect that function to heal within 12 months. Alternatively, if you have extensive skin lesions that cause significant functional limitations, we can also apply for benefits.

What If I Do Not Meet the Blue Book Criteria?

Suppose your burn or soft tissue injury does not meet the Blue Book criteria. That does not necessarily mean you cannot receive benefits. Rather, it tells us that we have to use a different tactic when applying. In most cases, the method we use is to submit a residual functional capacity (RFC) test.

The RFC test provides the closest thing to an objective measure of the functional limitations your injury causes. Your doctor fills it out. We work with your physician to make sure the RFC includes the right information needed to make our case to the SSA.

The ultimate goal of the RFC test is to show the SSA that because of your injury, you cannot work. The SSA cares more about the effects of your injury than the injury itself. Thus, even if yours does not meet a particular Blue Book listing, they will still grant you benefits if we can prove the extent of your functional limitation.

What Is the Appeals Process Like?

What if you already applied for disability benefits and received a denial? We can still help. In fact, some of our best rates of success occur during the appeals process. That is because our lawyers can petition to have your case heard in a private hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ).

Rather than submitting an application and waiting for a bureaucrat to review it, we can argue the merits of your case in person with a decision maker. Our attorneys have a lot of experience with ALJ hearings and will show up prepared to win.

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