How to Get Disability for Loss of Speech

The inability to speak in a way that others can easily understand can make it difficult or impossible to sustain meaningful, gainful employment. If a loss of speech is keeping you out of work, preventing you from earning a living and paying your bills, you deserve Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. An accomplished disability attorney from the Disability Advantage Group, can help you understand how to get disability for loss of speech. We can prepare and file your claim so you can get the benefits you need to care for yourself and your family.

Why is it so important to have a top-notch Social Security lawyer on your side when you apply for benefits? To begin with, the application process is long and arduous. The waiting period often stretches on for months or longer. If, after all that waiting, you receive a denial, you have to start the process over with an appeal. You may be waiting once again for months, all while not receiving the benefits you need and deserve.

The chances of receiving a denial, unfortunately, are anything but slim. Many disability applicants receive denials on their initial applications—and the success rate for appeals is even lower. When you combine your initial application and your appeal, you could wait for two years or longer and still receive a denial for benefits.

That is a situation you want to avoid, which is why it matters so much to have the right disability attorneys working for you. Trust the Disability Advantage Group, to fight relentlessly for the benefits you deserve, gathering evidence and assembling a thorough, compelling claim on your behalf. We take the outcome of our clients’ disability claims personally, which is why we do not get paid until we win benefits for you.

Our knowledgeable team has helped many clients win disability benefits, some of them due to loss of speech and other speech impediments. We would love the opportunity to put our skills and resources to work on your claim. Whether you are applying for the first time or you applied on your own—or with another disability lawyer—and received a denial, we can help you build a strong case showing why you qualify for benefits.

The initial consultation is always free. Come to our office, meet with an accomplished disability lawyer, have your claim reviewed, and get all your questions answered. We know you have bills to pay and need benefits as quickly as possible. If you decide to move forward with us, we will get to work right away, gathering the evidence we need to build your claim. Call 865-566-0800 today for your free consultation.

How Can I Get Disability for Loss of Speech?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) gives us two options for proving that your condition qualifies you for benefits. The first is to demonstrate that your condition meets the criteria of the “Blue Book” listing for loss of speech. The Blue Book is the SSA’s master list of medical conditions that qualify for SSD benefits.

If the first option is not available to us, we can prove that your condition is equivalent to a Blue Book listing by demonstrating its similar effects on your ability to work and carry out activities of daily living. The easiest and most effective way to do this involves the completion of a residual functional capacity (RFC) test. An RFC test is a comprehensive evaluation from your doctor that reveals the various ways in which your condition physically and mentally limits you.

What Are the Blue Book Criteria for Loss of Speech?

The Blue Book listing for loss of speech is short, simple, and seemingly straightforward. However, it does leave room for the SSA to question the legitimacy of your claim in certain cases. The listing states that loss of speech qualifies for benefits if you are totally unable to produce speech that others can hear or understand. If you are unable to sustain your speech, you are also likely to qualify.

Even if you have a documented speech loss, the SSA might challenge your eligibility. This is particularly true if the SSA feels others can understand your speech, albeit with difficulty. We can anticipate such challenges, gathering evidence that highlights the severity of your speech loss. We will work to demonstrate to the SSA that you indeed satisfy the Blue Book’s criteria.

If we feel, though, that your condition might not meet the Blue Book criteria, we can bolster your claim by submitting an RFC test.

How Can an RFC Test Help My Claim?

The RFC test provides a powerful alternative in situations where your condition does not meet some or all of the Blue Book criteria for a listing.

Your doctor fills out the test, which is an objective analysis of your diagnosed condition and the different ways it impacts your life. In the case of a loss of speech, we want to demonstrate that your condition prevents you from communicating at a level necessary to sustain meaningful, gainful employment.

Does the SSA Have Other Requirements I Must Meet for Disability Benefits?

We also must make sure that you meet the income, asset, or work requirements for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). These programs have several differences.

SSDI is a government-run disability insurance program that has certain income and work requirements. Since payroll taxes fund this program, it is only available to those who have paid a sufficient amount into the system.

Qualification for SSI, by contrast, uses a means-tested benefits program for the needy. Its benefits are only available to those with a demonstrated financial hardship, such as low income and minimal assets.

Based on your financial records, our attorneys can verify your eligibility for either program or for both. We will ensure your application includes the necessary proof of your work history, income, and assets.

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