Social Security Disability And VA Benefits – Knoxville Lawyers

Disabled veterans often qualify for both Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and Veterans Administration (VA) benefits. However, the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration are separate agencies and do not work together on disability claims. You need to act as your own advocate when working with each agency. Better yet, have an attorney on your side who can watch out for your best interests and help you maximize the likelihood of approval.

We Can Collaborate And Coordinate Efforts As You Apply For SSD And VA Benefits

At the Disability Advantage Group, we represent many veterans in connection with their initial applications and appeals for SSD benefits. If we handle your SSD case, you can count on us to take the lead in coordinating and collaborating with anyone assisting you with your VA claim as well as with medical providers.

When we say, “One call does it all” at the Disability Advantage Group, we mean that we pave the way for our clients seeking both Social Security Disability and VA benefits. Our goal is for our clients to be as free as possible of burdensome paperwork, phone calls and other details as we assist them at every step of the SSD process.

We Can Lift Burdens As We Pursue Approval In Your SSD Case

We understand that many veterans are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life after suffering from brain injuries, amputations and other debilitating conditions. Many are courageously coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at the same time that they are making progress in adjusting to life after military service.

Bureaucratic hassles are one thing you don’t need if you are in this situation. Our SSD attorneys are prepared to handle all details. We pledge to keep you informed on the status of your case as we help you apply and if necessary, appeal a denied claim.

Our SSDI Attorneys Represent Disabled Veterans Throughout The State And Nationwide

At The Disability Advantage Group, in Knoxville, we welcome the opportunity to assist returning members of the armed forces who qualify for SSD. Call 865-566-0800 or email us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer.