Veterans Affairs (VA) Disability Lawyer

If you are a veteran who has developed a disability connected to an event in your military service, you may be eligible to collect VA disability. These benefits provide you with monthly compensation, free health care, and possible other perks. A Veterans Affairs (VA) disability lawyer from the Disability Advantage Group, can gather evidence and put together a compelling claim for benefits.

Our law firm helps disabled veterans collect the benefits they deserve for their service to and sacrifice for our country. We want to put our extensive resources to work on your claim and help you get approved in the fastest time possible. We offer a free case evaluation and work on a no-win-no-fee basis. To speak with a member of our staff today and receive a free consultation, call us at 865-566-0800.

You Could be Eligible for VA Disability Compensation — The Disability Advantage Group, Can Help

If you are a disabled veteran, you may qualify for compensation from VA. But you will need a thorough, compelling application backed by extensive evidence. That is where our team of attorneys comes in. We have fought and won many VA disability cases for our clients. We understand what makes a winning case and can guide you through the application process.

You can apply for VA disability online, over the phone, or at a Regional Office. The general eligibility requirements for VA disability are:

  • You are a veteran.
  • You have a medical condition classified as disabling by VA.
  • You developed your condition while serving in the U.S. armed forces.
  • Your condition arose because of a specific event that happened during your time in the service.

Winning a VA disability claim depends on the nexus between your medical condition and military service or service connected disability. You need compelling evidence, including medical records, that your condition resulted from an event in your service. Without that, it is exceedingly difficult to receive approval of VA disability. A Veterans Affairs (VA) disability lawyer at the Disability Advantage Group, help put together a convincing case that you have a service-connected disability.

To find out more about how we can help, and to receive a free case evaluation with a member of our team, call us today at 865-566-0800.

You Can Receive Monthly Compensation and Other VA Benefits

With a grant of approval of VA disability, you can start collecting monthly compensation. It lasts as long as your service-connected disability persists. You will also receive free health care at VA facilities.

Your total monthly compensation depends on your VA impairment rating. This rating, as assigned by VA when it grants you benefits, places a numerical value on your medical condition. Higher ratings corresponding to more severe and disabling ailments.

Our attorneys want you to get approved as quickly as possible. We also want to make sure you get the highest impairment rating for which you are eligible.

Here is how much you can receive at each impairment rating as of 2018:

  • 10% rating: $136.24 per month
  • 20% rating: $269.30 per month
  • 30% rating: $417.15 per month
  • 40% rating: $600.90 per month
  • 50% rating: $855.41 per month
  • 60% rating: $1,083.52 per month
  • 70% rating: $1,365.48 per month
  • 80% rating: $1,587.25 per month
  • 90% rating: $1,783.68 per month
  • 100% rating: $2,973.86 per month

With an impairment rating of 30% or higher, you are eligible for additional compensation on behalf of dependents living in your home. This can include your children, spouse, or elderly parents.

A VA disability lawyer from the Disability Advantage Group, can collect evidence and assemble a compelling claim. We want to give you the best chance of a fast approval at the highest possible impairment rating. For a free case evaluation, call us at 865-566-0800.

What if You Have Multiple Disabilities?

If you have multiple disabilities, you can receive a combined impairment rating. To determine your combined rating, the VA does not add the ratings of your individual conditions. Instead, it applies a more complex formula. We will discuss your situation with you and let you know what to expect. We will also discuss how we can assemble your claim to receive the most favorable combined rating.

If You Have Received a Denial of VA Disability Benefits, We Can Appeal It on Your Behalf

Just because you have received a denial of VA disability benefits does not mean you should give up your quest to collect them. Our attorneys have helped many veterans appeal VA’s decision and receive a grant of benefits.

VA recently updated its appeals process with the goal of unclogging the queue and shortening wait times. So far, the results have been promising. Instead of having a single process by which to appeal, we can now choose between three appeal lanes. We can help you decide which is best for your situation. The options include:

The Supplemental Claim Lane

This lane allows you to submit new evidence to bolster your case. Your claim gets reviewed by the same level of employee as the one who reviewed your initial claim (but not the same person).

The Higher-Level Review Lane

This lane allows you to send your appeal to a higher level of employee than the one who reviewed and denied your initial claim. However, if you choose this lane, you are not permitted to submit any new evidence.

The Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) Lane

This lane lets you appeal directly to the Board of Veterans (BVA) appeals. You have three options for how to appeal to the Board:

  • You may submit it directly to the board with no new evidence and not request a hearing.
  • You may submit it directly to the board with new evidence, but not request a hearing.
  • You may request a face-to-face hearing with the Board.

If you choose the face-to-face hearing in The Court of Appeals, you may bring a lawyer with you. We will make a compelling argument to the Board on your behalf. Call us today at 865-566-0800 for a free case evaluation.

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The attorneys at the Disability Advantage Group, want to help you receive a grant of VA disability benefits. For a free case evaluation with a member of our staff, call us at 865-566-0800.