Motor vehicle accidents can cause some serious injuries. A car accident could leave a Knox resident with a spinal cord injury that requires multiple surgeries to correct. It may take months of strenuous rehabilitative therapy to be able to walk again. In some cases, the damage may even be permanent. An individual can pinpoint the exact moment that he or she suffered the disabling injury that left the individual unable to work.

In a situation such as the one above, it is easier to know that applying for Social Security disability benefits may help. In other instances, an injury may sneak up on us. We might notice discomfort in our back. Maybe one day the pain is so bad that we are forced to take a PTO day. Suddenly, we realize that we’re out of leave time and the pain hasn’t lessened.

Low back pain is more universal than we might think. A recent study found it to be the leading cause of disability worldwide.

The research study was published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. It included data from another study, Global Burden of Disease 2010 that included cases from 187 countries, covering the years 1990, 2005 and 2010. Using the data, researchers found that approximately one in 10 people will experience low back pain.

Researchers noted that as the life expectancy of the average person continues to increase, the number of elderly people will grow as well, adding to the prevalence of this type of injury.

When it comes to a chronic illness such as low back pain, at what point does an individual become eligible to receive disability benefits? There are certain requirements that must be met, and a Tennessee SSD attorney can help an individual assess their situation and file a successful claim for benefits.

Source: Medical News Today, “Low back pain is number 1 cause of disability worldwide,” Marie Ellis, March 25, 2014