How to claim SSDI for adult disabled children

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Qualifying persons can apply to receive Social Security Disability payments for their adult children with disabilities to help provide for their care.

In the state of Tennessee, data provided by the Disability Planning Data site shows that 16.2 percent of the state’s population ranging from 16 to 64 years old have disabilities. People can be disabled for many reasons including congenital health conditions or on-the-job accidents and more.

Some disabilities can be minor enough such that the affected persons are still able to work and earn a living but others are not. When this is the case, the concern about how to provide care and financial support for the disabled person is real.

The federal Social Security Disability program is one means by which people can receive income when they are unable to earn it through a job. In addition, parents can apply for SSDI benefits to use the funds for any adult children with disabilities.

Disabled Tennessee resident employment rates

The Disability Planning Data records indicate that out of the total disabled population between 16 and 64, 38.7 percent are known to be in the labor force. However, only 32.3 percent are actually employed. That means that the unemployment rate among disabled is noticeable.

How can parents get help for their adult disabled children?

As with any form of government assistance, eligibility requirements must be met before parents can receive SSDI benefit payments for their adult children with disabilities. There is a five-step application process which walks people through the system and requirements.

Some of the Social Security Administration’s requirements that parents or their adult disabled children must meet in order to qualify for SSDI benefits include the following:

  • Parents making applications for SSDI benefits must have earned the benefits through their own employment and contributions to the overall social security program.
  • Any disabled child should be 18 years old or older at the time of application.
  • The disability or disabilities leading to the application must have been diagnosed by a medical professional before the adult child reaches the age of 22 years old.
  • The adult disabled child is allowed to hold a job while benefits are received as long as the child’s income from the job does not exceed the benefit payment amount from Social Security Disability.
  • In situations where an adult disabled child is married, benefits can still be received or applied for so long as the spouse of the adult disabled child is also disabled to an equal or greater level.

When calculating job income for an adult disabled person, any costs associated with transportation or the facilitation of the job experience can be deducted.

How should parents proceed?

Because the SSDI system can be complex at times, it is always recommended to get legal help with such an application in Tennessee . This can also be beneficial in the event that a claim is denied and must be appealed.

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