Research shows that women have been outpacing men in receipt of Social Security disability benefits since 2000 which has resulted in a record number of women receiving SSD benefits. In the 1970s, women represented 29 percent of all workers on disability; in 2000 the number was 43 percent and in 2012 that number had risen to 48 percent. Some blame the economy for the shift. Experts are not sure this accounts for all of the change the research shows.

The largest increase in receipt of Social Security disability benefits was seen from both men and women over fifty and men still make up a greater percentage of disability recipients. The research also shows most recipients do not work, although Social Security does allow those receiving benefits to earn some money. The number one cause of disability for women receiving Social Security disability benefits is musculoskeletal disorders and the number two cause for both men and women is mental disorders. Currently, one in nineteen Americans has been approved for benefits.

Social Security disability benefits for disease may be available for those suffering through a disability due to an illness. The application process for receipt of Social Security disability benefits for illness may vary, depending on the particular situation, and what will be required may depend on the unique circumstances of each individual applying. Because of this, it is important to understand both the process and requirements for receipt of SSD benefits for illness.

Those who are disabled due to a disease or illness should be aware of the resources and options that may be available to offer help and support through a difficult time. Knowledge of the process for applying for benefits may make the process seem less overwhelming to those suffering with a disability.

Source:, “Study: Record Number of Women Receiving Disability Payments,” Andrea Billups, May 29, 2014